Residential Disinfection Services

Protect your family from harmful bacteria and viruses.

We believe that home should always be a safe place. But what harmful germs are the kids bringing home from


school? What is the dog tracking in from the yard? And what are you bringing home from the office?


We’ve all learned from recent events just how fast a virus or flu can spread and how important it is to keep the


surfaces that we took for granted disinfected.


Call BSOG for a free, no obligation estimate for disinfecting services and give your family greater peace


of mind about how healthy an environment they live in.


Commercial Disinfection Services

A healthy environment for your employees means a healthy bottom line for your business.


Just think about how many people touch all the same surfaces you do, when on their way to work, the mall or


dinning out. Every door handle, counter, elevator button, escalator rail, pen or any other thing you touch has


already been touched by hundreds if not thousands of people. Then we touch our face, rub our eyes or grab a


sandwich without even thinking about it.


BSOG will terminally disinfect all high-frequency touch points and coat it with a long-lasting


antimicrobial coating that doesn’t wash off.


Call BSOG for a free, no obligation estimate for our commercial disinfecting services and give your


employees and their families a greater peace of mind about how healthy an environment they have at your facility.

Coronavirus Cleaning

To help curb the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends regular cleaning and


disinfecting of homes and offices. Is that enough to eliminate the virus? The recent


headlines around the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic offer many reasons to be


concerned. Returning to your home or office shouldn’t be one of them. With years of


cleaning and disinfecting experience, BSOG is a premier cleaning service.


We’re offering a high touch thorough disinfection and sanitation service to help keep


your home or office safe for your family and co-workers.


Regular upkeep can be challenging, especially with all the new responsibilities we as a


society are taking on to fight the pandemic. That said, periodic deep cleaning and


sanitation can help eliminate most contagions. BSOG has a disinfection service that


will work for your unique space.

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