Carpet Cleaning Service

Protect Your Investment

Carpet is one of the largest investments for a homeowner and it must be maintained to retain its plush look and


soft feel. To maintain your carpets, you need professional carpet cleaning with hot-water extraction. This


process is commonly marketed as steam cleaning and the end cleaning results are remarkable.


At BSOG, we can clean your carpets and remove 90%-95% of water-soluble spots and spills, in addition


to unsightly soiled traffic lanes. We also offer special stain removal for stubborn stains that you thought were


permanent, including ink, coffee, pet urine and red stains.


You can trust our professional service technicians to answer any questions that arise and get the service


completed in a fast and efficient manner.

Our 4-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Below is a description of what to expect with your carpet cleaning service, along with a simplified description of


each step of the process and why each step is necessary.

Vacuuming. Soil that accumulates in carpets typically consists of gritty and abrasive sand and/


particulate matter. This soil is insoluble in water, which makes pre-vacuuming before anything else the first step


to remove it. Dry soil contributes to the wearing of a carpet by physically cutting and scratching carpet fibers


resulting in a dull appearance. It's estimated that 79% of the soil in most carpets is dry particulate soil.



Pre-Conditioning. The remaining soil in your carpets is composed of oils, greases, starches, etc. this type of soil


is acidic by nature and will require an alkaline cleaning detergent to neutralize it. If you understand the science


of the pH-scale, you will have an idea of what’s happening here. We will pre-spray your carpet with an alkaline


pre-spray to emulsify (loosen) soil from the carpet fibers. In laundry terms, compare this step to “shouting out”


any spots or spills on your laundry garments.



Spotting. We will pre-spot any stubborn spots on your carpet fibers.


Hot Water Extraction. Most likely, this is the step you will be most familiar with. This is where the major effort


our technician, equipment and cleaning agent takes place. This step will fully remove the used solution and


suspended soil from the surface, leaving the carpet fiber clean, fresh and residue free. This critical step is the


reason all major carpet mills recommend this process because the used solution and soil is completely removed


from the carpet fiber. You can compare this to the rinse cycle where hot water is used to eliminate used dirty


solution and soiled water.